Implementing effective Population Health Management takes more than just Analytics

    Effective implementation of a Pophealth Management Program (PHM) requires diverse systems that aid in seamless functioning. For example, an effective analytical platform for service providers helps in diagnosing high-risk patients and deploying preventive care. Adoption rate of  best healthcare practices should be high for effective Population Health Management. Dynamic healthcare organizations are able to implement this change with ease.

    3 things you should consider before migrating to Drupal 8 - Part 1

    Drupal is among the most popular CMS’ and has been offering the community with several version updates. With Drupal 6 no longer being supported, by the Drupal Community, a huge amount of sites need to be migrated to Drupal 7 or 8, and quickly!

    Given the significant changes in Drupal 8 structure, migrating from Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is particularly challenging. But with all the hustle in the market, organizations often miss out on the basic aspects before updating their sites.

    TRUMP'S 7 points shaping future of US HEALTHCARE

    The healthcare plan released by Donald Trump in March, talks about handing over the Medicaid reigns to state officials and allows individuals to deduct health insurance premiums from taxes.
    The seven-point healthcare policy focuses on reducing the healthcare costs and quoting him “healthcare reform to make America great again” Trump says he will do away with the individual health insurance mandate as well as allow competition over state lines for healthcare plans.

    Addressing the Rise of Consumerism

    Earlier, patients seeking information about a care provider had access only to the most basic data. Hence, their treatment decisions were based on minimal factors such as insurance coverage and the availability of the care needed.

    Advent of Informed Consumers in Healthcare

    Now providers need to give more information to consumers and patients in the market.

    Things to know about MACRA

    Clinicians were paid based on the type of services provided (a typical Fee- for – service Payment System) The Congress passed temporary ‘doc fixes’ to avert the cuts in Medicare payments to clinicians (in order to match the target Sustainable Growth Rate). Over time, this contributed to increased costs with little improvement in the quality of care.
    MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) replaces SGR with a more predictable payment method that incentivizes value.

    Varnish: Caching mechanism to make your website fly

    Client: Make my site load at lightning speed!
    Developers:  It will take time; there are several features on the site and a lot of content 
    Client: I want pages to load quicker.
    Isn’t this ask familiar? Every client expects and demands their website to launch faster, and nothing wrong with it. There are a various methods to tackle this situation.

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