"Digitize your patient registration process! Get Free access to our patient intake form"

Want to digitize your patient intake process?

Healthcare industry is leveraging innovative technology solutions to improve patient's experience across the care continuum. Despite such significant technology advancement in electronic intake process, many hospitals, clinics, and other care providing institutions are still using the age-old method of clipboards and paper forms for patient registration.



By using our open sourced solution, you can deploy online patient intake process, to fill forms securely, at patient’s convenience.

The solution offers a wide range of benefits like:

✅ Interactive and user friendly HIPAA compliant web forms

✅ Seamless Integration with hospital EHR, PMS systems

✅ Inbuilt checks and validation

✅ Eliminate manual intervention

✅ Enhance operational efficiencies

✅ Highly customizable

✅ Deployed in weeks


We offer free distribution (a.k.a distro) of Patient intake forms for Hospitals and Clinics on Drupal WebCMS (i.e. their website or internal portals should be deployed on Drupal).

Our Work

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Population health begins with the patient and revolves around a comprehensive health and care record. Data Scientists are continuously learning the new human behavior of different population “cohorts” and correlating with individual patients’ health, for improved care outcomes.

With recent news from Apple on acquiring companies and talent (shared below), it seems they want its users to be totally dependent on iOS devices. Having that said, increasing the stickiness factor is not going to be that easy.


Let’s quickly take a look at Apple’s recent acquisitions:


In the first 4 years of operations, we had worked with a Population health product which was pivoted from a Wellness product, a Patient Management product, and a Health Management platform. In the last 18 months, we have worked/ working on two TeleHealth products, another Population health, a Behavioral Health, and two Health Management…


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