Multisite and Multi-App Publishing Framework

Multisite and Multi-App
Faichi’s Multisite and Multi-App Publishing Platform enables the stakeholders to deploy iOS and Android apps in a quick manner, hence reducing the ‘time to market’ by saving significantly on the development effort.
This platform provides certain templates to choose from which quickens the decision making process for the non-technical product managers. It also ensures scalability and maintainability of the apps through thorough performance testing and maintenance.
We have already used this framework to roll out around 20+ iOS and android apps so far.
Some of the features of the framework are as follows:
  • Create custom app for Medical Journals within hours
  • Customize Application Services, Features, Look and Feel, Labels etc. in app using configuration flags
  • Customize App images, Logos, Splash screen, Carousal animations, Custom Links
  • Consume RSS feeds from multiple source to display varied content on the apps
  • Jump within article sections, images, Tables & Figures, dynamic navigation with internal hyperlink
  • Subscription bases Access Control, On-Premises auto-detection and full access to application
With this platform the stakeholders can create numerous websites and mobile applications which would have a centralized repository for content, media assets, users etc. ensuring better analytics on content and media consumption by the users. This also enables easier administration and manageability since all the content and media to be published, un-published, archived, deleted or created can be managed centrally and published across all the integrated multi-sites and multi-apps. 
Faichi’s experience in building Drupal web applications as well as mobile apps ensures that we cater to any kind of custom mobile or web application development needs and use the framework to expedite the delivery process.

Our Work

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Newspaper publishers have had some tough times over progressing towards online mode recently. Some did well while many went wrong and were hit hard before getting the act right finally. Companies woefully underestimated the digital opportunity, reacted slow and therefore squandered the opportunity.

Newspaper publishers
In this blog we are going to talk about one such functionality. We were required to implement EU cookie functionality in Drupal 8. EU cookie is mandatory for all European websites.
The cost of Higher Education in the United States has risen astonishingly.

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