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5 lessons learned while assisting Healthcare startups

In the first 4 years of operations, we had worked with a Population health product which was pivoted from a Wellness product, a Patient Management product, and a Health Management platform. In the last 18 months, we have worked/ working on two TeleHealth products, another Population health, a Behavioral Health, and two Health Management products.


healthcare startups


Build MVP to gather customer intelligence!!

Innovation is everywhere, be it harnessing the data power for population health or using advanced technology to enhance digital health. From Outcome Health, Livongo... to PriorAuthNow, each one of them has addressed a specific healthcare challenge in a unique way. Enhancing clinical outcomes, access to care, and improved operational efficiencies.

Building TeleHealth product using decoupled Drupal 8

Telehealth companies have improved overall access to care, in a much cost-effective, convenient and efficient way. A new emphasis on telehealth involves delivery of behavioral or mental health services by a healthcare professional that are not provided in-person. There is a huge unmet need to treat mental health, and telehealth is an apt solution. It enables patients and doctors to connect remotely.

NextGen acquires cloud-based analytics company EagleDream Health for $26 million

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, a subsidiary of Quality Systems, has agreed to plunk down $26 million to acquire EagleDream Health, a cloud-based analytics outfit that optimizes practice performance using clinical, financial and administrative data. The deal is expected to close this quarter, pending all the customary closing conditions.
NextGen is a healthcare information technology and services company that delivers foundational capabilities to organizations that want to promote healthy communities.

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